Sunday, February 3, 2013

classmate and my life

1st picture : my mgt groupwork waktu pergi interview Al Ikhsan. fortunately, our group got the highest mark in this assignment. ho yeah.

2nd picture : my new friend from uitm johor. jalan-jalan dekat booth yang bukak waktu dak uitm si tengah grade.

3rd picture : keluar berjalan di jj yang baru bukak kat manjung. 

gambar nie pulak waktu our last day class and we decide to go out with all the classmate. takde gambar reramai sebab tak amik kat dorang. kitorang pergi makan kat area lumut and midnight kat tepi laut sekejap. dalam 7 kereta konvo and we had the longest table for dinner. excited jap. 



ini housemate dengan two of uitm si lecturers.

picture tengah is my classmate tapi tak semua ada. 

although it is busy and tough during degree, sometimes i laugh because of them even now there are conflicts between us. opss!

ramalancuaca : i hope still can be with them in the next semester.

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